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PLEASE Help me with this fraud buyer

Can somebody help me with this? what should I do? can you guys help report or something ?

so a guy bought my gig without even contacting me and the amount of work does not fit the $5 gig, yet I said that I will do it for him as a first time buyer discount, then afterwards he added additional work that was way to much. forward > he is now threatening me a bad review/feedback If I will not do it. I asked to mutually cancel the order witch he doesn’t approve, says he will wait for my countdown to expire so he could cancel the order and give 1 star feedback.

Please someone help me

Thank you and have a nice day!

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First of all, I’m sorry you are facing this problem but it is against forum rules to
name people.
You’ll need to remove that link.

If the person is threatening you, you can contact customer support and
they will cancel the order for you.
It would be helpful if you show them a screen shot of the threatening message.


You could specify in your gig description what the limits are for what you do in the $5 gig.
If you want to charge more for different things (eg. different duration videos) you could use packages with higher prices for the standard/premium ones.

Thank you for pointing that out.

First of all, did you deliver your order with a “deliver” button as you supposed to? If so then he can not cancel the order automatically. If you didn’t deliver it properly then you might want to read how fiverr works.

As for the buyer:
Contact customer support and tell them that buyer is BLACKMAILING you to do more work for free or he will leave a bad review.


Thanks for the comment, however I haven’t delivered anything - just sent a cancel request that he is refusing to accept.

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I recommend contacting Customer Support.
Lately, they always help with such complex orders.

Just cancel the order