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Please help me.... :(

Hi, The buyer placed order for 25$ but when I said I need more time for 5 designs… He just said: ‘’ cancel the order’’ and I did it…

but after that, he placed the order again for 25$ with 5 different designs… when i made his 5 designs with different style he just gave me revisions: ‘’ change the fonts and colors’’ when i changed the fonts and colors he just said: ‘‘I do not believe these designs can beat the originals. If I publish these, I do not think they would sell’’

so what can i do wiht this buyer? please help me :frowning:

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According to my personal opinion.
Ask them for sample designs and understand his brief.
Here is your service your matter for you. make them happy if he canceled the order it affects on your profile. not only lost money you also lose your reputation. :slight_smile:


you know I don’t want to cancel his second order… and of course, he sent me samples I did like what he said…

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@[tag-removed-by-mod] Friend I think you can help to him .:crossed_fingers:

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Sounds like a bad egg to me… he seems difficult. Even if you finish the project successfully, he sounds to me like the kind of guy who will give you a bad fair review. Is it worth it? Try to appease him, make the revisions, and just stick with it.

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@djwaruna It’s really not good forum etiquette to tag people just because you think they could or should respond to a post. Tagging by username should be used very, very lightly. Thanks.


Thank you very much @fonthaunt for advice :+1:

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