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Please help me

dear friends,

Since I have joined to the Fiverr I have’t received any order. Can you please Help me. These are the links of my two gigs. By watching those can anybody please tell me why my gigs don’t have any orders. which ares should be improved.? please give me some advises.

Thank you.

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

hey please tell me what’s the wrong with me. What I have done.?


Hey madam,

Why are you telling I am fake. I am not a fake. I want really to make some orders. But no one order my gig. I don’t know why. Gigs like my gig have more orders even they haven,t videos. I want to know How this happen. How can I get buyers. :frowning: :frowning:

Reply to @janemaxy:

Wow! @kjblynx is right. You look just like Kristen Stewart! The resemblance is remarkable.

janemaxy said: please give me some advises

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