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Please help me ✋

Currently I am struck with a bad buyer. He accepted my order and came back to inbox and demanding extra work from me. He is asking me that he do not like logo. He did not give review yet. He is forcing me and abusing me. Please help me. Thank you !


Report the abuse to Customer Support, and ask them to reach out to the buyer about their behavior, as abuse is against the ToS. They’ll likely tell you that you’ll need to work things out with the buyer, and that they cannot force the buyer to accept the order.


Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Delivered Orders (after the Seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)
    • Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements.
    • Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the Seller not related to the agreed requirements.

If he’s asking you to revise the logo he should use the revision option for that.

You say “Unlimited revisions ( until you satisfy )” - you should really take the unlimited revisions off as otherwise people might ask for much too many revisions.

I agree that if they’re being rude you should contact customer support about it (or report the messages).


Why do you say you offer unlimited revisions in the contract if you actually don’t? If he doesn’t like the work and wants it changed, you have to do that.

Correcting things he didn’t like is not “extra work”. Extra work means additions to the project, not revisions.


When you say he “accepted your order” - do you mean he marked the order as complete?

If your buyer did mark the order as complete, then I agree with you - he appears to be demanding extra work, which is unfair and beyond what is reasonable.

If your buyer has not yet formally marked the order as complete but has instead written a message to you saying something like “I like your design but can you make the font bigger” - then this would be a revision.

Whatever has happened, offering unlimited revisions as part of your gig is only ever going to lead to heartache. Buyers will abuse you, and customer support will side with the buyer as you will be the person in the wrong. Unlimited means just that - the buyer can come back time and time and time again until the end of the world asking you to revise your delivery.


He marked order as complete.

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He marked order as complete. And demanding for new logo from scratch. As he have no rights to have changes in current logo. Thank you!

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Complain to Customer support is the best option in this way. Because he may give negative review. Why he accepted the delivery if he didn’t like the work? Did you give unlimited revision in your GIG package on which he ordered?

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If you offer Unlimited Revisions, you have to provide that. Even if the order is completed.

Redoing a logo over for the same brand is a Revision.

Do you now see why you mustn’t offer Unlimited Revisions? So yes it is within scope. It was wrong of you to describe this as “extra work.” Extra work means out of scope but this is not. You include it in your contract (Unlimited Revisions).

You don’t have ground to stand on because of this. If you refuse Fiverr will back the buyer because you’ve breached the contract.

Hi @humanissocial. While I agree that offering unlimited revisions is an incredibly bad idea, I’ve always interpreted this to mean up until the point the order is marked as complete. Surely a contract is only valid until such a point both parties agree that it is fulfilled (in other words the seller provides the service and the buyer says I accept the delivery - which is what has happened in this case)? I’m very happy to be corrected publicly, and if this is my error then I think many of us will learn from it.


Unfortunately that conclusion is not in their policy and several sellers in the forum have reported that if you refuse CS will side with the buyer.

As with any policy, unless it explicitly says something is no longer applicable if certain conditions are met (order marked complete), those terms are applicable regardless.

The policy should protect sellers, but I guess if Fiverr actually cared about that they wouldn’t even have Unlimited Revisions as an option. Alas…


Okay, well said. Unlimited revisions is evil. It shouldn’t even be an option in my opinion.


Thanks, I agree. It’s nothing but trouble and there is no way around that trouble.