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Please Help me


hi there

i have problem i join fiverr 2 month ago but some orders funds are still pending order funds are still in

(Revenue for Order Completion) mode please any one tell what is the problem ?

thank you


yes…i second that. The date you can see when you hover cursor over ‘clearing’ text is the day your funds are available to withdraw.


The “Revenue for Order Completion” status represents orders that you have received from buyers. Once you have completed these orders and your buyers have left a review or 3 days have passed since you delivered your order, then those funds become “Funds Pending Clearance” and a status bar should appear next to each amount that is clearing. There should also be a date next to each item on the left hand side. This date represents when the funds are expected to clear. If you are looking at your “Revenues” page and you have items under “Funds Pending Clearance” that have a full status bar and a date that has already passed, then there is some sort of problem and you should contact support