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Please help me

after getting 2 5star i get 4 star. now totally its 4.6 star. so now i dont get any orders. what should i do?

Sheriff’s Note: It is best to put tips to help all sellers in the Tips for Sellers category. A start to a discussion about your gigs (or other ongoing discussions) could go in Conversations.

Try asking the buyers what you could have done to improve their experience and if they get back to you and you are willing to follow their suggestions (without becoming a slave) and provide the extra they are looking for… maybe ask them to adjust the rating after providing them with that extra. Maybe they are happy and will just reconsider their rating :slight_smile:

Just try to give your buyer some extra advantage/work and tell him to reconsider of your feedback. I believe it will work.
Note: buyer cannot change feedback after 14 days. Then you need to contact support for help.

Try talking to the buyer and ask them to reconsider the feedback.
Don’t try to bribe them, might backfire.
Try to explain the situation.
If nothing works out, just try promoting your gigs. Get more orders and the feedback will change. :slight_smile: