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Please help me

I work On Fillable pdf form. Maximum Buyer wants to add Email / send form or Submit Button and social media button there on the Fillable pdf form. I have written in my gig’s Buyer instruction that if you want to add email button, submit button, social media button on your fillable pdf form, then you have to give me your email and social media id, Because i have to link Button and your email & social medial Id. Then also maximum Buyer don’t give there id. I am not able to write on massage box Email Word. If buyer gives me there email and social media id for adding Button then it can be any problem in my account. So what can i do now about this matter.

When you have gigs that require that you asked for personal info, in general it is allowed although you want to have the buyer send the information in an attachment and not in the general message space. When I had a gig like that, I used a plain text document with a short list of questions for them to answer and asked them to write the answers in text and send me back the .txt document.

Use caution with this kind of thing, though, since the buyer could get confused and send it in the message field which may delay receipt or other things can go wrong. The best thing to do before you even sell a gig like this is to go to Fiverr Customer Support, explain clearly and briefly what you need from buyers and why, and ask for permission. If they reply giving you permission, you can keep that and show it to another CS rep if a problem arises. If I were you, I would send a message to Customer Support right away for this and you may want to put the gig on hold and just fill existing orders on it until you clear this up.

Thank you for your information.