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Please help me

hey i send i mesage to buyers to buy me gigs and thene one of the buyerrs tell me he going to report (spam) and thene fiverr stop me inbox i dont know that spam bad thing . can someone help me??? sorry for me english

You got penalized for contacting buyers directly which is considered spamming. This is not the way to get sales. There is nothing we can do for you here in the forum. You would have to get in touch with customer support and ask them.

I can help. First thing you need to do is clear your web cache and shut down your computer. If it’s a laptop, close the lid, unplug it and put it in a draw. If it’s a desktop, unplug all the cables and put it behind the sofa or somewhere out of sight.

The second part is a bit harder but works in 99% of cases. Simply dress in something smart then go out and find a job. Once you’ve done this, stick at that job for about a year and when you feel like you have been rehabilitated into a decent, honest human being, take your computer back out of the draw and see if Fiverr will allow you to make a new account. Hope it all works out!