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Please help, My buyer activated the order but never sent me the information. What should I do?

Hello Fiverr community,

I have a quick questions and looking for the best possible solution. My buyer has activated the order and didn’t provide the information needed for me to start instead the buyer send me a question to which I replied promptly. The clock is ticking. I have tried to nudge the buyer like 3 times, sent 4 messages but still no response. My gig has 4 days until the time for delivery runs off. Right now, there are 3 more days left.

What should I do in this case? I do not want to do mutual cancellation because I’m afraid that it will effect my rating.

Please give me your best suggestions.

Contact the buyer. Give him/her time to comply or respond, the buyer might be in a different time zone or just busy. Follow it up. If still unresponsive. be polite and request for mutual cancellation.

Also, you can move the order in mutual cancellation request to freeze the remaining time (also you need to send a message to the buyer to explain that request).

contact himm…or let it be…no effect to you…order has not started hasn’t it ?

give him some time. maybe after 48hrs still no response, politely tell him the reason why you mutually cancel.

It’s really up to you what to do. If you are unable to do the work without more information from the buyer, I would request the mutual cancellation and move on.

I guess you missed the big announcement a week and a half ago from Fiverr?

Reply to @effdog: It was started