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Please Help! My client placed an order but didn't send details

My client placed an order and sent me a pic with email address and whats app number to communicate with him and take details. I don’t want to communicate with him outside fiverr as it’s against fiverr’s TOS. I informed him and he said “some jobs on fiverr STILL require that info and need to send files via email”.

The order has 24 hours left only. Can anybody please advice me what to do now.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


Report to CS that you want to cancel due to buyer asking for outside Fiverr communication. Let CS take the order down and it will not hurt your profile.


Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it. I was in a great worry regarding the matter.

ALWAYS select the option in your gig that says that the requirements are required, not optional.

Then the gig time won’t start until the requirements form is filled out.

If you create gigs without educating yourself on what issues can come up, you WILL get burned. Always look up how things work. There is plenty of information on that.


Thanks for your input. I will edit my gigs and change the details so that next time I’ll not get burned.

@mohammadali04 inform support otherwise your acvount warn for this !

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Yes I informed. I’ve opened a ticket. They mailed me that they will contact with me.

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@mohammadali04 Great Work!

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Inform Fiverr that will better for you.

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Well you can still get burned if the buyer says “i’ll send the info later” and starts the order but never replies.

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What should be the process then so that I will not get burned or at least the probability will be minimized. Thanks.

eyies, even with that required information this turned on, the buyer could simply say “hi”, and then start the gig. in that case, and this, i would say customer support though

in cases where they just say “make me a logo” or something, i would probably send them a picture of a gerbil and offer a revision. that way at least they have until the end of time itself to respond

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Hi @marinapomorac as per your advice I contacted with the CS and opened a ticket. They mailed me (which is a auto generated one) where it’s told that they will get back to me with a human response and it can take 10 business days). In the meantime is there anything from my side to do or I’ll just wait. Please Note: there’s only 8 hours left to the delivery.

Thanks in advance for your time.

I already opened a ticket, so should I do anything else?

I really do not know why this is happening to all of you with CS, For me, every time I contact CS I get human respond in 2 hours.

Cancel order. If buyer comes back and leaves negative you can remove that while completion rate can be fixed with new orders delivered on time.


nuh, what you’ve already done is probably the right cause of action in this instance

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Hi @marinapomorac Sorry that I’m knocking you over and over again. Thing is I’m comparatively new on fiverr. Hence, not understanding the whole process. I visited the resolution center to cancel the order, but it has the option to send buyer a request to cancel the order. Will you please tell me that should I send the buyer an order cancellation request or wait for CS to contact with me? In the meantime if delivery time will be crossed will I be affected or what will be the scenario. It’ll be really a great help if you advice.

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.

Send buyer to cancel and write in detail what is happening, then do the same to CS. Don’t just press cancel without adding your explanation.


Thanks for your response.

I’ve had to use the reolution center to cancel a few times for this reason and I think each time the buyer messaged me to apologize and explain.

The buyer receives a different email subject line when there is a cancellation request than if there is a message and that plus the whole process seems to smarten up buyers to the reality that you’re going to cancel.

Some buyers may wise up when they see you’re not going to let them mess with you and you’ve explained the problem.

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