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Please help, my gig have a urgent situation


Hi all!!
omg I noticed that my gig have stranges impressions and clicks!!
why?? ? ? ?


what is strange about it?


I see nothing strange. Thats pretty good actually.


June 11… The graph is coming down. … normal?


really? omg omg I´m scared. . . . . :eyes:


there are always highs and lows in any freelance work.


It’s all completely normal, just the ups and downs of Fiverr - don’t worry, the sky’s not about to fall down!


Everyone’s graphs look like that.


A agree, nothing to worry about. My sales are a little lower this month also. I think we get a slight summer slump. Some buyers are going to vacation instead of buying project-related stuff. At least, that’s my theory.

Or it could be just normal ups and downs.


omg thanks to all… I’m calm now. :relieved:

What's going on? Getting a bit desperate