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Please help! No traffic to my page. 5* Level 2 seller, no work!


Please help me, i’m a level 2 seller with perfect stats working full time as Voice Over on Fiverr. Then…suddenly no traffic to my page. If I search for British Female Voice Over…I no longer appear on the search, at all!

Has anyone experienced anything like this and is there a way to correct it. I rely solely on this for my income and it’s crushing me!!



Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it sounds a bit daft, but you haven’t got ‘British female voice over’ in your gig title. Might make a difference in the search if you try changing it?

You come up first if I search for ‘British female vo’ BTW!


Well that’s something I can change right now, thanks for going on and having a look for me. Hopefully that’s enough to make a difference over time again!


I didn’t find you with “Female voiceover”, but as Lorna said, I did find you with “Female vo”


I’ll be so annoyed if I’ve done this to myself with one little change:joy:

I’ve updated now so hopefully will eventually see the return of some work!


If you have recently updated your gig’s information, FAQ, tags, description, title or photos you need to contact the CS to approve those changes… it won’t show you anything (warning, errors or notifications) but after each edit your gig gets (pending approval…) status in the system… to speed things up contact CS (gig support) and tell them to approve your gig changes.

I knew this information from CS representative, as the same thing happened with me recently.


British Female Voice Over - 1st page, 3rd row, position number 1! :sunny:


Honestly, I love this about the forum.
Someone has an issue, gets a great answer within 5 minutes and is able to get it fixed immediately!
Sometimes it can be little things like this that make all the difference so it is always worth asking. Massive Kudos to the great sellers who take the time to help people out too.


I think You will get more traffic after some time.


This is great thank you all…and jdpremium, I have been making changes left, right and centre to try to get the traffice back! Changing up tags and descriptions so probably really haven’t helped myself!

Lesson learnt - really appreciate all your efforts and help everyone! Thank you


Thank you, thank you, thank you…i’m back appearing in searches. You’ve made me seriously happy :smile: THANKS!


You’re very welcome - go outside and enjoy some of that lovely sun we’re having today! :slightly_smiling_face:


haha I can now, seen as though it’s such a rarity! Have a great day in the sun yourself :slight_smile:


I am glad you issue got fixed, To avoid losing your search position, DO NOT edit your gig at all.


Please don’t share this as advice. Avoiding gig updates, just to avoid the Fiverr review process actually hurts sellers. If a seller’s gig needs to be updated, then he/she should update it. Keep things current. Try new things until the right thing works. Don’t live in fear of what might happen. Make any changes that are necessary so that things can happen.


If the gig is bringing sales and appears in the first row… then no need to update it. I didn’t update most if my gigs for the past 2 years.