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Please help! paypal issued refund to my fiverr account


Hello, Guys How are you doing today!

So I withdrew My earnings to paypal account, suddenly the paypal got issues, so they offered me refunds, which suppose the funds will reflect back to my fiverr account right?

its 12 hours since the refund, but I am yet to see the funds in my fiverr account.

please who has experienced this before?

what is the Solution?



No one with answer? Please help me out.


You are saying that for some reason, Paypal wants to send the money back to fiverr? I’ve never heard of this.

What reason did they give?


I don’t really understand what you’re talking about as usually when you pay somewhere with Paypal, You can request a refund (if something went wrong), not the other way around…


Have you purchased anything on fiverr with Paypal?


I am a seller here, so I withdrew my earning to my PayPal and the PayPal got limited, they refunded the money back to fiverr, but I still could not see the money in my fiverr dashboard.


No, I am a seller here, I withdrew my earning to PayPal and the PayPal account got limited they issued a refund back to fiverr, till now the money has not reflected in my fiverr account.


I messaged CS but no respond.
Please what should I do? I really need to sort this out.



Did they put a block on the Paypal account? Why?

The one time I heard of someone getting money sent from Paypal back to fiverr this way, fiverr said they do not get the money or they do not put it back into your account as I recall.

What’s wrong with your Paypal account?


Hearing something like this for the first time.


Hmm, okay, from not-possible, I got to maybe-possible. :wink: I have no experience with that, but is it possible that if you have 2k basic PayPal limit (before you have to send them confirmed personal info), and you receive transaction higher than that, that PayPal sends money back?


I actually can’t say, I received the money and my account got limited I have to call them and of course as usual not responding.

So they only gave me option to issue a refund before 180 days.


My PayPal is a fully verified US PayPal account, I just don’t know what was wrong.
But suppose fiverr refund the money to my account.


You will have to wait for CS. Noone on the forum can help you with payment issues.


I can tell you what, stay away from paypal …I had plenty trouble with them as well

I could try to help you out …I know a girl from the local office and she might be able to help you but I cant garantee anything as she is from a different planet …she is an alien in fact


Hello, I agree with @annai80. I think nobody can help you here in this forum, you need to figure out the solution with PayPal support. If your account is limited, you need to follow their guidelines. Well, I know that 12 hours is a short time for the money to clear; you need to wait 1-3 business days maximum. Any additional information I am here, good luck @premium247


Paypal always answers their number.


UPDATE: Issue Resolved!

I contacted fiverr CS and provided my transaction ID and I got refund instantly.

thank you all the concerns!