Please help! Problem with withdrawing funds to PayPal


Every time I want to withdraw my earnings on Paypal it fails. I do not have any balance on Paypal and my card is not confirmed- could that be the reason?
Please help! I am concerned for my money on Fiverr.


You should check you’ve put the correct email address for your PayPal account
Also - check if you’ve had an email from fiverr to confirm the money transfer - it might be that you have to click a confirmation link before transfers can be activated

As regards your PayPal balance and card registration - your PayPal account status shouldn’t affect anyone transferring money to it - my PayPal account was in negative balance and my bank card expired yet I was able to transfer funds from fiverr to PayPal with no issue

Hope you’re able to solve it


Thank you so much!
Well, the e-mail is correct and I have already clicked on the link they sent me on the e-mail, multiple times. Still not working.


Just double checking but have the funds cleared on Fiverr and so are available for withdrawal?

The status of you Paypal account can’t be the reason unless it’s been suspended…so if the funds are available on Fiverr, the email address of your Paypal account is correct and you’ve clicked the link on the payment set-up email, then the issue has to be somewhere with the fiverr system…in which case I’d suggest you maybe contact Fiverr’s Customer Support to ask for advice/help


That sounds good. Thank you very much!!!


Paypal is not support for every countries. It’s better to apply for revenue card!


Thank you. If I understood well, after I confirm I want to use the revenue card, they will ship it to my address and I can use it for paying like I use my credit card? And at ATM?


You can use revenue card for any thing. Like online payments, withdraw money form ATM and much more things.