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Please Help :( Ratings/Deliveries

So I have customers who do bulk orders, meaning they order 9-10 drawings at once and expect ONE drawing to be done PER DAY, hence if I am given a bulk order of 8 drawings, I have 8 days to complete all of them. My gig offers each drawing to be done in 24 hours. By the time I get to the 8th drawing in my queue, my drawings are marked as late when I deliver it and my “Delivered on time” rating goes down.

Is there a way I can message fiverr the situation and have them adjust my rating? I’ve been getting my drawings done in time for the customer but it is marked late.


This is where I ask, can you handle what you are given? Let me start, I think you haven’t limited the number of orders you can take at a go, this means that if your gig hits you can get 50+ orders with a delivery of 1 day for all of them. Try to increase the delivery time to avoid late deliveries. If you have 1 client who has placed many orders and you have agreed to deliver each order per day, you could try and ask for time extension from the buyer.

To be honest, the only way to deal with this is to stop accepting orders from some clients. I have a buyer who I have asked repeatedly now not to place bulk orders without contacting me for a custom offer with a custom turnaround time. They still don’t get it though and place two bulk orders side by side with a message saying “no rush!”

Now I’m just canceling these as the buyer never responds to requests to extend delivery times and I’m sick of the stress and adverse ranking effects.

State in your gig that bulk orders must be discussed prior to an order being placed. tell anyone who regularly orders in bulk that they need to contact you in advance next time. If that doesn’t work, send a request to extend the delivery time on an order and if that doesn’t work, just cancel.

This might sound a bit ruthless but some buyers think of sellers as machines and won’t get the message until you simply cancel and say STOP IT! Meanwhile, even well-intentioned buyers simply don’t get that how they are ordering is very inconvenient sometimes. In either case, though, you still need to put your foot down.

Well for issues of such nature you may either use the option of gig multiples in future or request the Buyer to accept Delivery extension for each particular order accordingly.