Please help review my gig


Please y’all should help review my gig. Am yet to get any buyer, it’s been 3 months since I joined, this is so frustrating


Definitely share your gig to any social media platform you’re a part of, this helped my gigs get attention. Make posts that will appeal to your audience, in this case those who write or need a book designer. Add tags and titles that will draw in the viewer. When I made my first gig I also made 2 others that offer a slightly different line of work, one less specific and one more specific. These two appealed to certain people that the first one didn’t, and vice versa. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple gigs going at once, in fact I think it will increase your chance of getting buyers.

Hope this helped,


Great advice! I wasn’t sure if we could “cross-post” the same/similar gig


First point for your Gig, dude, listen to what @dewking23 says to you here.
Statistically, you will have more chances if you create more Gigs even when offering the same services, but slightly different to each other: tags are key here.

Second point: a NO-NO is to post templates as samples: you’re not showing you’re creative. Are you? then create your own works and show them. All your covers are not yours! No chance to sell anything if you’re not willing to show your own work!


Bro I designed thoses covers from the scratch, templates and samples I don’t get the difference.


Thanks a lot bro, this is so helpful