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Please Help! Samples Appeared on My Gig?

I am an Erotica author and lately, have been getting a lot of orders.

In my Gig I list that I am open-minded about the subject matter, and will write about anything within reason. However, a story I did about flatulence appeared in my sampled work without my knowledge. I don’t remember approving this to be shown!

There are two samples: the flatulence story, and another. I do not want these to be shown. I don’t want my work to be shown on my Gig because I create unique samples for interested buyers.

How do I fix this? I tried to go through the support tree but none of the requests match what my specific question pertains to.

Thank you for reading!!

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Maybe you have enabled live portfolio on the gig

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Where is that setting? I’ve combed through the Gig settings, but I don’t see the samples here - or an option to turn on live portfolio.

Thank you for responding!


You’re an angel, thank you sooo much! I really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this answer, franklegacy, it was of great help!