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Please help Seller refuse mu request to cancel the order

Hello guys
I requested to cancel order because the quality so bad and he didn’t do what i exact need but the seller refuse the request now i get order dispute so what should i do please
Thank you


From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


Was your Brief (what you needed done) very clear & precise?
Did the Seller meet your Brief?
Does the work match the style & quality of the work in their Gig offer (or any other portfolio or samples offered for this work)?
Have you asked the Seller to assist you in resolving you concern? You said you asked but they refused, you didn’t say why they declined.

Without being able to see any of these things it is really hard to say but perhaps you can try seeing this as though you were an impartial person. Would you support your point of view or that of the seller? Or would you realize that perhaps one or both parties had been unclear in their expectations?

If you can’t do this yourself or have a friend look at it “like a judge” then you need to be talking to Fiverr. But please be sure your Seller has done the wrong thing here first as Cancellations (and threats of bad reviews) are a very hurtful thing for Sellers who have tried to do the job as advertised/requested.


Depending on the gig you might also have the option of revisions to make it more like what you need (unless you think the quality is too bad for that).


You just can’t cancel an order for a bad quality, If the quality is bad you can ask for revisions until you get what you looking for. and also you can go to the buyer forum to find more solutions

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ask him for revisions until you are satisfied with your order and be clear with him what you want !

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Did you give the seller concrete pointers as to why you think the delivery is bad quality? If you only say something like “it’s bad”, and not tell them what is bad about it and give clear instructions what you want revised, many sellers will assume you want to use their delivery and your money back.

If there are obvious mistakes and such, or the quality is far behind what you could see in their portfolio, you could contact support if the seller really refuses to revise, but as default they should tell both buyers and sellers “to work it out among themselves” first, that’s what the request revision button is for.


What did you buy?
What is wrong with the delivered item/service?
Does the seller offer any revisions in his gig?
What exactly do you “need”? Tell us exactly what you said in your brief (copy-paste)

You were vague in your topic description and maybe the same thing happened with the seller. Instead of canceling, disputing and fighting, maybe you can make him understand what you really want and he will probably deliver.

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Thank you all for answer me i will try to do something for that
Thank you again :heart: