Please Help! Should i ask the buyer for extra money?


hi, i am a seller, someone ordered my gig, i did the job, but i feel that i deserve more money because it was harder, and took me a lot of time, can i ask the buyer for a tip? or some extra money? he ordered without contacting me, he paid $20. but i think i deserve $25-$30 . What should i do?


Don’t ask for more money, you should set the prices for what you think is good and the amount of work you are putting into it. if someone orders a package that is only for a certain amount of work then only do that, maybe you need to rethink your pricing if you are working too hard and long and not getting enough in return.


Sometimes, think from the buyer’s point of view. You accepted and agreed to do a job (gig) for $20 and were paid that amount.
It may be that you yourself did not expect to spend longer time or more efforts in completing it (that happens to all service providers sometimes, it is a common thing).
Do not request for more or a tip.
Take it as part of a learning curve.
Perhaps, the next order onwards you would be better aware and equipped to estimate your inputs to complete your tasks (gigs).
I am more of a buyer here at Fiverr and a service provider in digital marketing in my city where I live.
Even I do once in a while feel I charged less for certain campaigns. But, then I analyse and realize that infact I over-delivered in terms of my customer expectations. Often such customers end up referring their friends who end up being my customers.
Perhaps it may be that you really put in your best in that gig delivery.
And do not forget, we are all within universal Karma, so any extra hardwork and efforts you put in, you will be rewarded for it. It could be more sales coming your way, it could be an unexpected tip from a future gig order, etc.
Just continue doing your best always.


Do not mind 1 suggestion : change your profile photo to something more attractive or better to have your photo also. A seller’s 1st time buyer first checks the seller’s profile and the profile photo does matter (apart from other things). Make it something relevant to your gigs / your niche or your picture of you stylishly holding a guitar for example would really suit your niche / gigs.


No. Some orders take me a few minutes of time, others take me a few hours, but I charged the rate per word, so that’s not the buyer’s fault.


you already Set Your gig prices , Now Why You deserve more? Be professional please.

if you are professional and Work truly Good Don’t need to ask Buyer for Extra they will Give you extra without asking :slight_smile:

if You think You deserve more please Set your gig prices.