Please help to get me back with my higher studies!


hi im lankaebay from sri lanka.fiverr is my main income for my higher paying my college fee via fiverr money. i have used fiverr without any problem.i had 343 positive i asked fordo better placement in recommend list to higher rating list. but yesterday i asked for better placement for my gig and after that i cant find my logo gig! please make this correct because otherwise i will not able find money. i have found 3500$+ via fiverr and im a very loyal seller.i hope you will understand my situation!

i didnt understand what happened now!i asked for do a better placement in list ,but why my logo gig is removed from the list?

here is the reply i get from fiverr cs

Your account has accumulated multiple services not in compliance with our terms of service and editorial guidelines. For the safety of our community, your Gigs will not be listed in our search results until further editorial review. You can promote your approved Gigs using the social media buttons on your Gig pages.

so please help me!i have send several cs request but no reply!