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Please help to get order

Dear all
Hope you are fine doing well. Till now i didn’t get any order. So please help me to get order.

Your services are very good and I think in your gig description you should use some space so that buyers can easily read and understand your services.


Have you looked at buyer requests? I always find that there can be something there for most sellers. It’s always worth a look.

Go to the Fiverr Academy

Here are 5 tips which I think new sellers should do… :slightly_smiling_face:
1—- Send 10 offers to buyer request daily because new seller can get its first order here easily, without buyer request its almost very very difficult to get 1st order.
2—- Your Gig’s description and description in sending offer is very important to get orders.
When you wirte a description it should be unique because a buyer can only come to you when there is something instresting for him so try write something very unique for buyer.
3—- Your profile pic and your video uploaded in gig also make buyer to get interest. So just think as if you are buyer then what you want from a seller then I think you can do best for your Gig.
4—- After doing first 3 tips a buyer will contact you first time. Now the most important thing which is your communication to buyer. Don’t forget its your first buyer so first of all try to built a little bit trust with him and sure him that you can do it what he wants from you. Then when you deliver something, Ready for unlimited revisions ans satisfy your buyer to get 5 stars
5—- Last tip is very important to get flow in orders and its possible by contacting your old buyers and offering them something new.

New sellers just try to follow these 5 tips hopefully will help someone

Hi - from looking at one of your gigs, I think you need to do the following.

  1. Correct your English
  2. You have 3 packages ($5, $10, $15) and I can’t tell how they’re different. They all look the same.
  3. Be very specific about what the buyer is going to get in each package.
  4. Make a video explaining your service.

Use spacing so your description is easier to read. Here’s an example (it’s ONLY an example since I know nothing about embroidery).

Hi, my name is ______ and welcome to my gig.

Are you looking to have your logo embroidered or stitched? If so, you’re in the right place.

To embroider your logo, you’ll need to provide your printer with a format they can use to stitch properly. I will take your logo and turn it into a variety of embroidery types such as 3D Puff, embroidery patch, applique patch, chain, and many more.

I will provide the file in any of the most popular formats including EMB and DST and any other format you specify.

I will also send you a preview snapshot of your logo with stitch count, size, and color sequence and color step.

Please select the package that is best for you. Once I receive your logo and instructions, I’ll begin work