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Please help to return sales of gigs

There were orders, reviews are good. But for the second month there has been no orders. Help me figure out the reason. thanks


Don’t you send the buyer requests every day. Your gig presentation looks good. I think you should promote your services in social media.

Thanks for writing to me) I tried Instagram and Facebook, the result is zero. For the first time in a year of work, I faced the fact that there were no orders🥺

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I agree sending offers to buyer requests might help.

For the gigs, these are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design incredible isometric illustration,redesign website
In the gig description:
“if the DESIGN PACKAGE we provide not suit to your project” could be “if the DESIGN PACKAGE we provide is not suited to your project”

Gig: I will design a postcard, billboard, photo in vintage style
In the gig description:
Maybe reword “a greeting card s ?”

Gig: I will create first class different styles cartoon character design
In the gig description:
“high-resolution JPGE” could be “high-resolution JPEG”
Maybe make the main gig image not say “created with smarkmockups” if you can (if you have a version of the software that allows it). Also the description says “This concert” and “sample concert” when maybe you mean “This gig” etc.

Gig: I will create a modern web illustration
In the gig description:
“( Basic pack and standart)” could be “(Basic package and standard)”

Gig: I will create logo, business card, flyer design
In the gig description:
It has a URL that isn’t in Fiverr’s list of approved URLs.

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Hello alemantas,

Social media is very hard thing to do,all i have to say try buyer requests…

Thanks) Currently in the customer requests tab I have empty. When I got to the level of the seller, I saw a lot of requests. Now, with luck, 2-5 requests

I am facing the same issue. But for my case, it has been 5 months since organic orders. I’m working with previous clients. Otherwise, I would have been out of business…

Everything I could do in previous projects, I have already done (