Please help us improve by critiquing our gig


We’ve read through tips on Fiverr to improve our gigs and made our first one. Looking for some feedback/criticism. Any input is appreciated!



"I will professionally proofread and edit your document"

There were a few writing errors in your listing for this Gig. Setting aside those errors, however, there are two things you should be made aware of:
a. You should never offer guaranteed refunds, especially if you’ve completed the work. If you have, you deserve to get paid. Buyers are not entitled to free work and are at liberty to leave ratings in respect of completed orders which are commensurate with their personal experience with you as a seller.

"There are currently 6000+ gigs for proofreading on Fiverr. This is the only gig where you will get two readers working for you for the price of one."
b. This is in all likelihood false. Even if it isn’t, I am curious as to how you can so confidently make this statement as though it were a fact.

"I will convert any file for you"

Is 10 converted files for $5 standard on Fiverr? I have no idea. You may be a New Seller, but that seems to be a bit cheap. I would question the quality of work I would be receiving at that rate… but then again, I am one of the more discerning Buyers here, in my opinion. Most Buyers want the most for the least, quality be damned.


Thanks for the response, extremely valuable. Will edit accordingly.

For the 6000+ thing, just saw that there are 6000+ gigs under the proofreading category. Went through quite a few pages to see if there were any other gigs offering two people proofreading one document. Thought this would make the gig stand out. Do you think we should leave it out altogether? We don’t want to sound fraudulent, but at the same time standing out among so much competition needs something special. Edited it to say this gig is different because we offer the services of two proofreaders for the price of one. Thoughts?

Regarding the file conversion gig, yeah. That’s what we figured. Being a new seller, we thought that offering so much value at a lower cost would help us stand out. It is just file conversion so it is not like we can rip them off and run away with their money. Fiverr tracks everything. Plus there’s customer complaint, and Fiverr usually reimburses customers quite fast.


hi dont be disappointed,there are few thing that you can rank your gig.
best thing is promote your gig via social media.
joint some groups related to your job,share your gig daily on few will see the good impression within two three day,do not stop sharing,keep continuing.


Thanks for that, appreciate the encouragement. I’ll look into it.