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Please Help! Website Erroneously Charging me Thousands of Dollars!


I attempted to place an order. Fiverr told me the order was unable to be processed so I tried re-entering my information 3 more times but received the same result every time. However, now my bank account is showing multiple pending charges from Fiverr. I went to contact support but they want an order number before I can even send the message to them which is nowhere to be found. I won’t be able to talk to someone from my bank for 2 days. What do I do?


Also, according to Fiverr, “You have yet to order any Gigs …”. So Fiverr thinks I haven’t placed any orders, but my bank account has thousands of dollars worth of pending charges to this website.


This is not really something that people on the forum can help you with.
If there is an error on Fiverr’s part then I am sure they will rectify it for you but it may simply be some error in processing. I have heard similar stories from other users regarding placing multiple orders after it seemed like an order was not being placed. As far as I know it was sorted out for them.
One thing you could do is to ask your the sellers you attempted to place orders with if they have received an order.


How do I receive assistance from Fiverr when they require an order number which I do not have?


Try this

Or you could choose something from the drop-down that doesn´t ask for an order number and tell them in the text what happened, so they can pass it on to the right person.

You can try ‘Feature Support’ from the top dropdown, and then when you picked that, there´s a dropdown with ‘Other Buying Features’, that doesn´t have a field with order number.


Just type in ‘NA’ and it should go through.


Thanks everyone. It should be in the hands of Fiverr support team now.


Great. I had something like that happening when I booked a train ticket last year, was ‘only’ 300 too much but yet a small shock. The train company and my bank sorted it out quickly after an email. Enjoy your weekend still! :slight_smile:


Fiverr Support should be able to handle this. 1st ask you bank to provide you with the account invoice number from the charge, then give it to Fiverr Support. Hope this helps.:slight_smile: