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Please help what should i do now?

How dense are you? If you’re dumb enough to not read the ToS, complain about getting banned for a ToS violation, and then claim you never violated ToS, that’s just comical. This is illegal according to so many honor code and ToS standards, and even if it weren’t, I wouldn’t want someone as oblivious and belligerent as you working on my paper.

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The letter you posted in your first post contains a warning.

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder to please try to keep things civil.

No need to attack each other.

@drzeeshu the response you got from CS has all the answers.

No one here on the forum can provide a better answer than the one you already received.

Things don’t look great though and I am sorry you are going through this.

If the decision is finalized and you do get banned, it is a permanent one so you won’t be able to create a new account. In fact trying to do so now will most definitely help Fiverr reach a negative decision sooner.

Start looking into other platforms you can use to freelance and learn from this experience:

-read the new platform’s Terms of Service
-make sure you are not offering any academic work