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Please help...What should I do?

The thing is I have a gig about giving them shoutout on my Instagram with 190k+ followers. Yesterday there was a buyer who asked regarding and I told him that i will give him shoutout on my accout for 24 hours and he puts his order. I gave shoutout to him for 24 hours and deliever the work to him. He got the result what he wanted. But the problem is he didn’t accepted the order and he is asking for a revision now. What should I do?Please help…

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If you provide revisions… complete the additional work he asked for. If you do not provide revisions, say no – you already delivered what he ordered.

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there was no any revision mentioned in my gigs nor on my offer

That might be the problem. I took a look at your gig. You list nothing about revisions, so, the buyer might be confused at whether or not you offer revisions. The buyer is right to be confused, and Fiverr might choose to support the buyer in this case, since you should have listed how many revisions you offer.

Since you don’t state anything about revisions, you are going to have to work out a fair resolution with your buyer. You do owe him that.

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I did deliever that order already. Should I ask him to just cancel the order?

It the thing is (which I think fiverr should fix) if you choose 0 revisions as an option in your gig description fiverr just wouldn’t show it at all
(And if you do put a number of revisions then it will displayed on your gig)

So I think fiverr should fix that and instead of leaving a blank space and no mention about revisions to show “0 revisions” included.

@deeboss99 it is might be confusing for your buyer but you could just try to explain to your buyer that 0 revisions are included in your gig offer
(By the way, I just though that if you open the invoice on the order page it still should show number of revisions :thinking:)

Anyway explain that revisions are not included in your gig and if he want a revision you’ll send him a custom offer for a revision. And send it right away, don’t wait for his answer.

And what kind of revision does he want? I don’t see anything what can be revised in the service that you are offering.


Yeah I know there is no option of revision in “Digital Marketing” category . I did deliever his work but he is asking a revision. I don’t know what to do. Is he trying: One arrow two targets.

You still did answer my question :wink: what exactly is he asking to revise on your delivery?


Actually, they’ve changed this. If you choose 0 revisions, it WILL show on your packages and gigs.

He is asking to give shoutout to him for 24 hours again which was the order which I already gave him shoutout for 24 hours.

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Did they? I remember I checked someones gig like 3-4 days ago and on the basic package it was blank space and on other packages number of revisions. But it might be because I was viewing it from the app

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then you should say that it doesn’t fall under the revision and another 24 hours shout out will be a new order and will cost x amount. Because it is not a revision especially if you have a proof that it was there fo r 24 hours


I have selected 0 revisions for my top-listed gig, and it shows “0 revisions” for all packages. For a while, if you selected 0 revisions, it wouldn’t show anything, but now, it definitely does. Whatever you select for revisions is now shown on your gig.

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Yeah I totally have the proof. After the 24 hours Instagram Story is automatically saved in “Story Archieves” it can’t be added there manually by the user. So it will proves that it was there for 24 hours.

well, then make sure that your delivery have all this proofs included and now it’s about you and your communication with buyer. We already gave you good advices on how to approach it.


try creating gigs with digital marketing in the category . You will not have any options of revisions.

Ok. Thanks for advices. I am afraid buyer is going to give one star and write very bad review.

then thats a different story then.
it depends on what you want. if you don’t want to get a bad review then you will have to cancel the order or give your work for free again but there is no guarantee that he wouldnr request for you to give him another shout out for free bevause you already gave it for free once.

As for another case you can stand your ground and you might get a bad review but you can always reply on that review that buyer was trying to get a work for free and this was a blackmail attempt.

choose which option you prefer and act accordingly


I saw “Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed” in Terms and Services. I think I will just report him.

you can report him but fiverr support will still try tell you to resolve your issues with a buyer because they can’t force them to accept an order. So you will have to chat with your buyer anyway.

But you can try your luck with CS anyway.

it is not allowed. but if you are hoping that Cs will just mark your order as a complete without buyers approval then most likely it wouldn’t happen. you will HAVE TO speak to them anyway.