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Please help | What should I do?

I am a freelance writer and about 17 years old. I run my writing business on Fiverr since 2019. My gigs are getting hits and orders as well. I earned about 70$ in one week from 3 orders only and custom orders.
But my parents don’t like that I am doing freelance business. They always telling me to run a business after my JEE main exams. In this COVID-19 epidemic, my exams are delayed till May endings.
So, please tell me what should I do?


It really depends upon your interest. Freelancing is now being preferred all around the world for every work. You ought to convince your parents in this cause. If the business your parents are suggesting you is better and has reasonable earning, then you might switch. Again, its your choice. Anyways. tell them the benefits and future preference of Freelance in the globe. You’re earning good, I can see. You shouldn’t quit freelancing at all.

I’ve two of my mates doing academic writing at Fiverr. They’ve earned really a good monthly amount. There parents are satisfied with their work and are in full support seeing the progress.


My parents aren’t telling me to close my freelancing career. But, it tells me to close it till my exams. And there’s no fixed dates of exams due to epidemic. Even my sister tortures me to study for longer hours. I have shown them my earnings but they still not allowing me to do freelancing.
I am thinking that I should be out of the office till 1st June.

By the way, thank you @moonstar161 for suggestion.


Yes, Brother you saying right


You know your family better than a bunch of random strangers on the internet. Is there any way you can prove yourself, that you are committed to your schoolwork, while freelancing?
Do you think you can compromise? Commit to an equal amount of study as Fiverr work? If you can prove to your family that: you’re willing to do as they want, as long as they let you do what you want, too?

What if you volunteer your own consequences? That if you can’t balance both, you’ll voluntarily walk away from freelancing?


Thank you very much. You really opened my eyes. I will stop my freelancing till my Exams, I will pursue it after Jee examinations.

Just do it as a side business bro

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Just be aware, that if you pause your Gigs or set yourself as “out of office”, when you come back in a month or so, your ranking will probably be nowhere it is today - in fact, you may not even be able to find your Gig on the pages.

I personally would NOT stop freelancing - and I would do all I could to fit both freelancing and schoolwork into my schedule. I know you are not a college kid, but, even high school kids have after school jobs, volunteer or have extra curricular activities AND also do their schoolwork. To be successful in life, you need to be able to balance a lot of balls in the air and multi-task.



Carry on what you like to do @dhruv_1563

Thank you for suggestion.