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Please help with a Paypal issue - URGENT

I have a problem for a few days now. I can use my Fiverr account without problems but I can’t withdraw anything to my Paypal Account. On Sunday, Fiverr support was kind enough to refund a completed order to a buyer that was leaving negative reviews daily on the same order and insulted me in his posts.

Is this the reason I can’t withdraw anything? Because Support refunded from my active balance? Or is it something else? Did anyone experience this and can share some thoughts? I am confused, but I do know I need to withdraw the money very fast. I contacted support, no response yet.

Thanks for your help guys.

No one can give me even the slightest insight on this? Please help…

Since you had a refund, do you have anything “available” that can be transferred to your PayPal? As you probably know, Fiverr funds can take up to 17 days to clear before you can move them over. What happens when you click to transfer funds? The only people who can give you accurate insight would be Fiverr themselves as we are not privy to your account or what is truly going on. That may be why no one has answered you. We are all just Fiverr users/sellers here too.


Thanks genuineguidance,

Yes, I have funds that can be transferred, of course. I was thinking that someone here experienced the same problem as I did, and might be able to shed some light until the Support guys respond. That was all.

In the Revenues section, near Withdrawals the Paypal button is grayed out and I can’t do anything. When I hover over it, is says only “Paypal”, with no reason why I am unable to withdraw.

In any case, I will post the outcome of the situation here just to help other sellers in the future.

The problem has been solved after talking with support. It seems it was a bug, so I advise anyone with similar problems to talk to support and do what they tell you. Thanks for your posts.

Thank god if it just a bug, i have the same problem too…the paypal button is grayed out.

I’ve contact the CS, and still waiting for the respond… [-O<

@vector_volt i am facing the same problem. My paypal button is also grayed out. Any luck?

Reply to @jayden_designs: i have same problem :3

Reply to @vector_volt: We’re having that problem right now. Did they fix it for you yet?

@theadtwins @jayden_designs @anwar16 BAM! it’s fixed! seems like some system bugs. :bz

:)] Here’s the screenshot

hope they fix my issue soon

I did the steps as vector_volt mentioned and it worked.