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Please help with my custom smart speaker skill gig

I made a few gigs a bit ago, and feel that this is the one that has the most potential. I would like some harsh critique on it, thank you.

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I don’t understand what your gig is offering. The image doesn’t help.

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Unfortunately, I disagree. I too have no idea what service you are trying to sell. If people don’t understand your service, they’re not going to place any orders. Perhaps you can better clarify what you are trying to offer?

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I have to say, I’ve been on Fiverr for quite some time and I’ve seen a lot, but this the first time I am completely lost and confused.
In many cases no matter how confusing ( or poor…) the description is, I can somewhat tell what the gig is trying to offer.

For this one however, I’m lost. Completely lost.
I wish I could give you constructive feedback, but I don’t think I can.


Go Ahead!!!
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Thank you everyone for the feedback, I fixed it up some, can you look at it again?

Maybe add a video to the gig which could explain it a bit more or maybe add an explanation to an additional gig image. Or maybe a .pdf could help explain it. You could also explain more in your gig description. eg. has the user asked it to roll a die and the gig image (screenshot?) is the result?

The main gig image should be different I think. Maybe something more visual that better shows what the gig is about. Maybe using more of the image.

I agree with the video idea, though I would like to see your current sample in action, with you saying ‘roll die’ and seeing a response.

I think ‘voice command’ might be stronger than ‘smart speaker.’ People in the industry might know what you mean by ‘speaker skill’ for Google Action and Alexa Skill, but you’re trying to interest people who might not know the lingo.

I also don’t know what anything in the package means. (That’s just me, but if I’m confused, there will be others who are as well.) You have space in your description, consider explaining a bit more of what you offer.

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