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Please help with my order

Hi everybody.

Someone offered a custom project for me and I paid it . He " delivered" the project but the project is with error. He gave me lots of “help” during the first few days in the chat but it did not work. Now I see his attitude starting to change, he tells me he would not solve th problem. and my problem is not solved. The problem is also very obvious. I think it has already past 3 days after he delivered…

Is there still anyway for me to request Fiverr resolution center for help,. I am not very familiar with the system. How and where to apply for help?

anyone help ? please … Now after 3 days. The order is “Complete”. but it’s obviously problem . I m like being cheated

There is no way for anyone on the forum to tell enough about your situation to advise you. It is possible to get a cancellation after 3 days if Customer Support sees it as you do. Just click the link to the Support Team and click submit a ticket in the upper right-hand corner.

Describe the issue to CS and explain how you already tried to work it out with the seller. They will decide if there is enough reason to refund you. You should be aware that if they do refund you, you cannot use any portion of the material the seller delivered to you because the copyright goes back to the seller. The seller can use it as portfolio material, sell it to someone else or do whatever they wish with it. If you left a review, that may be affected as well.