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Please HELP......!


Hi Mate,

I am in confused…!!! Please Help Me…

I bought my Laptop from my friends of friends. But I don’t know that there was another Fiverr account before on this Laptop or not.

If was an account from this laptop then what can I do?

Will I contact to CS for this problem?


Hello Tania,

I don’t see how this could be a problem, as long as you log in with your own Fiverr account.
A Fiverr account is not tied to a computer.
I hope to have interpreted your concern correctly.


No Need to contact CS. One laptop one account one internet connection that is perfect. Because already I did it.


First I setup windows and then I opened this account. And if there was another account opened on this pc then Will CS disabled my account for active more than one account active?


Thanks a Lot for your information…


No no this is not cause of disable account.


Thanks a lot …


at first you set operating system your laptop then start.


First I set up windows 10 pro and then open my fiverr account.