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Please help

I am having issues with my account.

It is not showing notifications in the bubble.

I had only one order to deliver in 9 days but it is showing two orders in my to do list. One order to be delivered in 1 day and other in 5 days ,but if i click those orders it takes me to the same order that i have and that is to be delivered in 9 days.

Now , I have already delivered the order, buyer has also left a positive review but still I am having 1 task in my to do list that is to deliver the same order in 2 hours now. My upcoming earnings is showing $32 where as i have no pending orders to be marked as complete or to be delivered.

I completed $45 order and buyer also left a positive review but $36 is not coming in my pending clearance section.

What is happening with my account ?

That bubble can drive you crazy. been their done that what i did was sent a message to CS make sure you select the technical option tell them what is going on and they should be able to help.

I didi but they are not replying

Sometimes the bubble works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the number of things “To Do” increases with the bubble blinking, sometimes without the bubble blinking. It is consistently inconsistent! ~X(