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Please Help

Its been a week since I created my gig and I got no sales till now, Please please take a look on my gig and give me some suggestions

All my earnings are now depending on fiverr, please help

You have no samples. It is tough to get work doing photoshop retouching without showing samples of your work. Also, your profile write up says nothing about photoshop or design, or your education or training or professional experience.

Just look at all the other photoshop gigs, you need before and afters and a range of samples…✓&search_in=category&source=top-bar&locale=en&query=photoshop+retouch&page=1&layout=auto

Also, try to vary your photos that appear on your gig, they all look the same here, 3 are the same of one thing, then one different one, then two more very similar.

Try to look people that offer the same kind of job and are on the top list. Then, see what they do good and improve it in your own way. Also you need to share your Gigs outside fiver, on facebook, twitter, etc…

Thanks a lot all of you

Your advice mean a lot to me.

@sincere18 please take another look, I have made some changes!