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Please help!

I bet with my girlfriend that I will make at least two sales by the end of this week. If I lose, I must do a full house cleaning. Please help!!!

Well, looks like it’s time for you to get the vacuum and duster.
JK =))

Wish you good luck. But cleaning the house isn’t bad at all.
If I had a similar bet, that would be a win-win for me.

Totally agree it’s not bad. If she had said she’d leave you that’d be a different and more serious story. Good luck anyway! :slight_smile:

brother i checked your profile… i am also a newcomer on fiverr…maybe my tips will work…
first of all you should change your profile description, it’s shows that you are unprofessional…
make your gigs more attractive by using catchy images…it will increase your views…more views=more chance to get order
and final share your gig on facebook groups…just search your gigs related groups on facebook and share your gigs on those groups…it’s really work…

Yeah! I know! But if I win, I’ll have an amazing night with her! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

sure. with that profile description you’ll get zip…nada…zilch…zero sales.

Thank you! I changed my profile description. How do you think, does it look better now?

Reply to @cyrill_james: Thank you so much! These are very valuable advices!!

Reply to @uapatriot: What is it that you’re selling? The way I’m reading your profile description and your gigs is that you’ll find me an eBook (or audio/software) and send me a copy for $5. Doesn’t this violate copyright and distribution laws?

Maybe I’m way off base.