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Please help!


So i had this buyer of mine who used to get logos done for his clients by me. He recently order a gig worth 10$ from me for which i submitted on time and later the order was cancelled by him since he didn’t like my work. Today i check his clients website and there it was…the logo which I designed being used after the order being cancelled. Can I do something about this? I am really upset that I wasn’t paid for my work and yet I have to see my logo being used elsewhere. Doesn’t this come under copyright flaws? I really think fiverr should come up with such system that unless the order is accepted and marked complete by the buyer, he/she shouldn’t have thr option to save the files uploaded by the seller.

This is causing my account to get bad press and also being scammed.

Please help!


I have 2 recommendations for future sales and some info on the current issue.

-In the future, always show the client work with a watermark. It should be big enough to cover the image so they cannot easily remove it, but light enough to let them see the work. Only give them the unmarked file after they agree they are satisfied. If you have to cancel, they won’t be able to use it easily.

-If someone asks for a cancellation, remind them that the copyright remains yours and that they cannot use the work after cancellation (with or without watermark.) Tell them you will be either using the finished work in your own public portfolio or selling the work to another buyer. After cancellation I would advise putting the work in a portfolio on Flickr or another allowed site, clearly marked as your original work and your property. Do it immediately after cancellation and list the date.

-In your current situation (or future needs) send the buyer a professional non-emotional notice that they need to remove the work or pay for it. Don’t show anger, just explain your rights. Let them know that if they do not remove it or pay for it within X days, you will need to start processes to claim the work as yours.

-Finally, read this page on how to protect your rights:


Thanks for the quick and helpful response :slight_smile: I will make sure to follow your steps :slight_smile:


so helpful thanks