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Please help!

Can somebody explain me why my Gigs don’t get no more impressions?
A month ago I placed several Gigs. I had pretty good impressions and received several orders.
Meanwhile, for the last 4 days, my statistic shows no new impressions, clicks, or views.
Why could it happened?
I have all positive reviews.
Thank you!

Yes there is a bug on the site doing this to the gigs page. Lots of people are experiencing this. The staff is aware of it and working on it.

Hi same things happend to me from last 3 days !!! i am not able to see any views and everything drop down to zero !! i reported to Cs team they said we are working on it Sorry for this problem !!! So its look like system problem.

My gigs are working !!! and showing in the search !!!

Lets see when will this problem resolved


see this post above:

Thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing the link