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PLEASE help!

Hey I got my first sale for a 24 hour video edit but the customer hasn’t given me Any of the info I need because he says he doesn’t have time…I requested a cancel but it says in 2 days it will cancel and there is only 5 hours left in the order…I don’t even have the file I need to start the order! Please help

The clock continues to countdown even during the event of a cancellation. It’s something that has been addressed on several occasions. It’ll cancel on its own as long as the client doesn’t decline. Either way, set up mandatory requirements so they have no choice but to give you the info you need. It doesn’t make much sense for them to order and literally give you nothing.

What the other person said, but yeah: set mandatory order requirements so that the order countdown can’t start until instructions are provided. Even then, some clients fail to provide the necessary information, so in that situation you should request a mutual cancellation with the stipulation that the client should refuse the request for mutual cancellation and provide the necessary instructions. This is an easy way to freeze the count-down clock while you wait for the buyer to get his or her act together. And if the buyer doesn’t respond on time, then you dodged a bullet.

I do have mandatory requirements but he submitted a file that was a link to the download (that doesn’t work by the way)
Instead of submitting the video file I needed.