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Please help

I would like to hear everyone’s opinions to a unique situation that happened involving a purchase I made from a fiverr gig (and whether I did anything wrong).

So, I own a small business that sells pet supplies and treats. About six months ago, I bought several fiverr gigs to create custom pet portraits to display in my store. My pet business is designed around custom hand-made products, so I wanted to purchase hand made drawings for display. Each illustration was AMAZING and I framed these 10 prints in my store.

About a month ago, a customer asked me if he could purchase the artwork. To be short, he offered me a price I couldn’t turn down and I sold him 6 of the prints.

The question I have is: Was this wrong to do? I did purchase all of the gigs with the “Commercial Use” option so I believe I have the right to re-sell the portraits. With this said, would I violate any copyright laws by trying to sell the other 4 prints that I have?

***A second question would be: If I was upfront with the seller of the fiverr gig (and let them know that I was going to resell them) could I buy more of their gigs and sell them in my store? I wasn’t sure how the “Selling Community” thinks of this……

Thanks for your time!!!