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Please how can I get orders for my gig? I’m new here

I’m new here
and need some job

Try to be online regularly

That will help


Download the fiverr app on your mobile … please keep ur status as online … and keep updating your profile and gigs … I think its a good way for beginners as I am also a three week old baby in fiverr … waiting for my gig orders !! :slight_smile: Hope this trick helps you too !

Good luck !

Dear Asif:

I took a look at your first gig. Here is the help you requested:

  • Your log line:

Make a Customer, Not a Sale! Your satisfaction is my goal.

I suggest that you come up with something new. In my humble opinion (IMHO), this is too cliche and generic.

  • Your profile text:

I offer Photoshop related gigs and other graphic design related gigs.

Buy with confidence!

Again, I suggest that you come up with something else.

  • Gig Title: I will design 2 MAGNIFICENT logos in 24 hrs in 2000px, 200dpi

This is too generic. You need to do something to make it stand out.

  • Gig Description:

I provide a high-quality logo design service with unmatched quality and outstanding delivery time (within 24 hours).

I deliver 2000px X 2000px Designs in JPG & transparent PNG formats in 300dpi. (Hi resolution files)

I provide SOURCE FILES as a gig extra which includes editable (Ai, EPS, PDF) file formats.
24-hour fast delivery.
I provide 2 modifications on every standard order.
Outstanding customer support.
100% Money back guaranty.
I am your one-stop destination for your all graphics & web development needs, fulfilled with the best quality & affordable prices. Contact me personally with your requirements for flawless project completion!

A suggested format for your gig descriptions:





I suggest you hire a copy writer to make your descriptions more compelling.

  • Video: 30 to 60 seconds. If nothing else, make a slideshow of your portfolio samples.

Gig Pictures: You have 1 stock image. You should have 3 that show what you can do!

Package Info at Bottom
"Logo Design" is too generic. Come up with something catchy and memorable.
“designin” should be “Design” or “Designing”.

  • Fiverr Academy

A good way to get initial sales is to ask friends and family, classmates, people who know you and like you, to buy gigs from you.

Good luck,

hi ,
i am an android developer at fiverr and little bit designer, i have done almost 40 orders on fiverr because one of my gig is in recommended then in high rating , business was going well, but as i updates my extras of gig, my gig vanished from high rating , this happened 2 times with me, first time fiverr support help me and 2nd time they didn’t, and after that my business goes down and after that i didn’t receive any message from new client. is there anything that you can help me ?