Please how can I get orders?


Please my gigs are doll, they don’t get any order.
It is only one that has been struggling all this while. Am even getting tired of everything.
I hardly see buyer’s request now and all my gigs’ statistics (views, clicks, impressions) are red and too poor.
Please I need urgent help from anyone who can help me out.


Hi, Promote your gig on various social media and send Buyers requests everyday. Hope you will get order very soon.


Thanks to you for the advice, but I don’t use to buyers request again and I’m visiting social media. I don’t just know the main problem with my account.


Your account is not the issue. If you want more sales, you are going to have to find ways to connect to the target customers who want to purchase your services. Orders do not happen by chance. You are going to have to market and promote your gigs to the people who need what you have to offer. THAT is how you “get order”.


Thank you so much jonbaas,
But please, how can I market and promote my gigs.


Hello Cheewriter,

I’m sorry to hear that you are not getting any orders from here, well getting order here on fiverr is all about Luck, i know here’s a lot of people doing what you are up to and many of them telling you do this and that but, the truth is, nothing can help you for getting an order, so just relax prey and do good as much as you can and that’s it, and don’t underestimate yourself if you’re know your good enough for work


Thanks for the advice.


For promoting your gig
Click the gig titles in your profile
Promote Yourself. It’s Facebook, twitter, linkedin.
Click on your settings. Click its gig
Click on the right-hand corner of the gig. Click on its share to have its Boost Your Traffic
(You first register with these social media outlets)
After that, Promote your gig


Thank you so much emrlanka for that


Hello, Optimize your gig title and tags. :smile:


thanks this really helped