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Please how can i increase back my order completion to 100%

I cancelled one order it reduced my order completion from100% to 86%, how can increase and how can i get more customers?


Hi @design_by_ak,

Please take a look to the following thread. Everything is explained there.

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You need to complete more orders or wait for 2 months…

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2 months :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: that is very long, how many jobs can i complete?

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Did you even read the thread that I suggested you? :roll_eyes:


Yes actually rate is calculated on 2 months performace… but before that try to complete more projects and that will be increased …


You can get back by completing new orders.


I asked the question before i did

Happened to me got one of my orders canceled and the completion rate dropped to 80% then I completed 15 orders and it’s still 95%. I hope by completing 5-6 more orders the percentage will get to 100%. Just try to complete more orders then you will be good don’t worry. Best of luck.