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Please how do I get back my 100% rating back help?

I am new on fiverr but I instructed buyers to contact me first before placing an order so that I can understand their needs clearly but a buyer ordered 4 gigs comprising of 8 job instead of 4 jobs without contacting me and I commenced work on my dvd and cd gig order but to my surprise he keep changing the job samples provided by himself to new one after completion of tasks so I keep redesigning…oops!

I discovered that after I delivered the last job he requested a revision for; he still went ahead and gives me a bad rating.

How sad…, to discourage my moral on my 100% rating position and now I am 93% position rating. Please how do I get back my 100% rating back help?

your sincere contributions is urgently needed for me to amend my gig current position rating.

I Went down to a 86% rating after a customer gave me bad info on the gig and I accepted … I was not able to complete the job satisfactorily and we enventually cancelled and even tho I gave her the data i had collected free of cost … she still gave me a bad rating … on each and every gig that she odered … have just managed to work myself back up to 90% … so dont worry you will be fine .

Reply to @jbeckford: thanks for the encouragement

Reply to @kjblynx: thanks for your concern and advice,they are noted.