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Please how do i offer guaranty reads on amazon to clients


please room i NEED HELP how can i guaranty READS for a client that sells books on amazon how can i make sure her books are READ on a daily basis…PLEASE I NEED HELP WITH THIS ASAP thanks


I think my main question is: why are you trying to sell something to a client that you can’t provide on your own?


okay the buyer ask if i could provide the services,but what do you mean i cant provide the service on my own ??


You can’t make that guarantee. No one can.

Can you control what other people do with their time? Can you guarantee that people will even care about that client’s book? Can you guarantee things that you cannot control?

No. You cannot. So don’t make those kinds guarantees.

Guarantee ONLY what you can 100% control.


Because you’re asking us how to do it?

If you don’t know how to do something for a client, then don’t do it.