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Please how do I Post buyer requests as a seller

I notice that since Fiverr updated their app, there is no place to post requests.

Is this feature disabled for sellers?

Please help.

Buyer Requests is where buyers post requests and sellers respond to them.

If you are a buyer just go to the Fiverr main page and Post a Request is on the left hand side.

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Sellers cannot create posts to find jobs in Buyer Requests. As @lloydsolutions said, it is a place for buyers to find sellers to work for them.

  1. Make sure you’re in buyer mode.
  2. Then go to the far right profile icon.
  3. Scroll down to the second header labeled “Buying.”
  4. The last option under that is “Post a Request.”
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They never had that feature for sellers. Only buyers can post “buyers requests”

No, sellers can post requests as buyers. I do so often.

If you are looking to buy a service from a seller then you can post a request.
The (iOS) app has a button to switch from buyer to seller mode and the option is there.
If you are a seller looking to post an offer about selling then don’t, you will get banned.


I think he wants to use to try to get sales, not seek sellers.

He didn’t make it clear, so I was answering just in case. To me, though, it reads as a seller trying to post a buyer request for a valid purpose.

Am trying to seek sellers for a service.

But couldn’t find the feature on the app.

Thanks for your help all.

I have been able to get to this using the my laptop.

Thanks again


Please how do I Post buyer requests as a seller

@tamaremi, the title of your thread doesn’t correspond to what you say you want to do. Please correct whichever the case, so people can know, exactly, what to answer you.

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It made sense to me. He is a seller who wants to post a buyer request to buy something. Maybe the fact that am a buyer and seller is why I read it that way, though.

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graphtersawyer is right maitasun