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Please how fiverr gig impression


how do i improve my gig impression


Hi, glorious_art
complete 7 gig. and always try to active also forum.


That’s wrong. Being active on the forum wouldn’t help to get impressions on your gig, and there is no actual proof that creating 7 gigs will help you too
(I’ve been here for a looong time and I don’t have 7 gigs open)

@glorious_art answering your question there is no way to improve your impression apart from doing a great job and keeping your statistics high. If you don’t get any orders that way the. You should try bidding on buyer requests and doing marketing for your gig. Good luck


thanks so much…


one time you can try with changing your gig tag .Use proper tags related to your Gig help to give you impression .
Thanks .


The more sales you get the better your impresiion will be. Also share your gigs links a lot in social media!

Maria S.


i can not find my gig in the search

please fix this


We are just sellers here on the forum and can not fix anything. If you think it’s a mistake you can contact CS.

But if your impressions are not on zero so there might be nothing to fix and you just used wrong key words or your gig is at the last pages.


Hi there @glorious_art
To improve your gig impressions, you need to do certain things…

  1. do proper SEO, i.e. put the right keywords in title, description and tags.
  2. SMM (market your gigs in social media).
  3. Monitor your gigs in Fiverr search, see on which keywords you are losing the position and one which you are gaining.
  4. change those keywords on which you are losing your position.
  5. Stay online on fiverr through app.
  6. stay active on the fiverr forum.

Hope this will help.


Hey glorious_art,
It’s my personal experience…

  1. Use eye catching title
  2. Make gig picture according to your gig title.
  3. Make 5 tags according to your title… { Title and tag is very important }
  4. Share your gig to social media platform…
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how much time share gigs on social media in 1 day? :confused:


thanks @mariashtelle1


you shouldn’t do spamming.
Once a day is quite enough I think.