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Please how long does it take for clearing pending funds on fiverr

please how long does it take for clearing pending funds on fiverr i got some payments for my order and i want to confirm when it would be fully available for withdrawal

14 days since the time the order was marked completed.

would it be the exact 14 days or even before

14 days as @kanishka_w said

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Exactly 14 days. Not earlier or later. Top rated sellers get it in 7 days.


k thanks i appreciate


I went through your profile. It seems your customer hasn’t reviewed you yet? Make sure to check with him whether he marked the order as completed. Or else it takes +3 days to automatically mark it as complete.

but i saw it showing october 9, isn’t that notorious

yea he didn’t but it got automatically marked in 3days

When did it get marked as completed? I assume it was today. So from today (25th) to October 9th is precisely 14 days.

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If you go to “Selling” at the top of the main page and then “Earnings” you will be able to check it’s progress.


14 days from the the time the order was marked complete

14 Days if you are not a TRS seller

For Regular seller it is 14 days
i have seen it on my earnings

Thats correct as the others have said, 14 days exactly no later no before.

thank you all i really appreciate your efforts i have seen it and the progrss