Please how to get order. 1 month go in no order come


please how to get order 1 month go in no order come. only regular buyer give order now i completed 614 orders and good reviews but i don’t know why not come now. i look forward to your response


You are a level 2 seller and your recent delivery was 13 hours ago. Take time to read through the forum and you will find posts like yours and lots of tips. Suggest you don’t worry about it too much as you are getting sales. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your response.


Promote your gig regularly on social media


I’ve done so many times
There is no use


How many times a day do you promote?
Increase the frequency


Great use of all your gig slots. I like it. Also, you’ve got good gig art, which is key in every category, but especially in yours.

Potential issues:

You’re in some crazy crowded categories, and it’s getting worse. Every day a new seller comes in here with a background removal gig wondering why it’s not selling. Not much you can do about this, except for come up with something less crowded (but not too lonely, because then no one will know to look for it).

You’re cheap, which I suppose you have to be in your categories, but it appears that the gigs that are ranking higher than you’d expect are higher-priced gigs. What is your average transaction price lately, if you don’t mind me asking? Fiverr was married to the $5 thing for a long time, but now they’re getting serious about making some money, so they’re pumping gigs that are bringing it in. Your average sale amount, times your conversion rate (sales divided by impressions), times 20%, times your order completion rate, is how much it’s worth it to Fiverr to show your stuff. There is a lot you can control in that calculation.

Over the next few weeks, delete one gig every week - your weakest - and create a new one. The turnover will get you extra exposure in the search, and you might discover an opening in the market.

Best of success to you, my friend. :slight_smile:



If you want new buyer than I would like to prefer that go to buyer request and bid on their requirements you will get new buyers for sure as your portfolio is very strong.

Hope this will help you to get new buyers. All the best



Thank you for your advice