Please, i dont get this


I received a mail from Fiverr that a buyer has cancelled an order through paypal after the order has been completed for over two months now.
I was not notified of anything before hand, and how on earth can a buyer be so heartless to get a refund of a job that has been delivered.
Fiverr had to deduct from my available balance.
This is my first time experiencing this, and I think fiverr is not protecting the interests of we sellers.
please, who can help me out on this


This does happen occasionally for various reasons, it happened to me once… as always, contact customer service, they will be able to look into it and depending on the situation might be able to reverse it for you. but that’s a big maybe, I think it depends-- sorry this happened to you!


It happen to me too. In my case, I sent to support also print screen that the buyer is using my work, but they never reply after I sent the proof. So I suggest to accept the fact that fiverr team are not in our side but in buyers side. Maybe other sellers will not have the same opinion, but they will understand soon.


This happens when a buyer issues a charge back request with Paypal and it refunds their funds to them.
When this happens, Fiverr deletes the buyer’s account.
I know it sucks, when some people try to scam you this way.
There’s nothing much you can do here.


Do you know someone in NY HQ? Congratulations, you can 95% most likely get your money back! Don’t have any personal relationships to curry in your favor and don’t want to rock the boat and it’s a small (say, less than $50) amount of money? You’re shit outta luck.

It’s ‘unfortunate’ that this is ‘unfortunate’ because ‘unfortunately’ people are not prepared to use people power to change this. How dreadfully ‘unfortunate’ that there’s nothing we can do here, then.

You get what you settle for.


It is bad luck… basically your buyer scammed you I guess… It has happened to me once on some other platform… Lafaraz is right…


Could that be the reason why the money I earned last week but one is still “being processed?” Maybe Fiverr places it in escrow to give the buyer a grace period of canceling the payment? Sorry it happened to you. Makes me wonder if it is safe to take big jobs on Fiverr :frowning:


I feel for you. There is nothing you can do. My advice? Keep your gig simple/stupid, keep offering A+ work on-time, and work profit losses from theft into your pricing.



We pay 20% to Fiverr for absolutely no protection from chargebacks. They won’t even try to defend against a chargeback. They accept it automatically.


Big jobs are big risks! A Buyer can refuse payment with their payment provider and there’s nothing you can do about it. And, yes, that’s the reason for the grace period.


Fighting chargebacks has a very, very low success rate for merchants and is a complicated process that isn’t possible to implement on Fiverr since the rebuttal/fight must be waged by the Seller. 20% is for driving business to your gig, maintaining your space on the site, and handling your money. CS is more of a courtesy to participants.


I suggested one time that maybe Fiverr could implement a fee for fighting chargebacks. Everyone hated the idea. Now, for $5, sure, it’s not worth the time. But larger orders? Sure. Plus, Fiverr can get even more profit out of the gig while not losing the original 30% or whatever the total % is between buyer and seller.

Still though, it’s not going to happen. They can barely run a forum or keep the site online at the moment. They must be too busy preparing for the NY HQ party tomorrow–which, I’ll remind you, will feature sellers giving away their work for free to persons unknown.

See my OP on this post; it’s all very well to complain, but nobody seems to like any obvious solutions, so really, you need a pal in HQ. Search the forum (don’t bother, search is broken) and you’ll soon find at least 2 sellers who successfully challenged large chargebacks. The largest I know of is $600.

It’s not like anyone is listening anyway. Only that guy from HQ who asked a newbie for their experiences then disappeared back into the ether forever. Nice one, Fiverr.


And don´t forget to work it into your taxes too, if you pay any.