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Please I need advice urgently

Am a new seller on Fiverr for two months now and just one order completed. My impression and clicks keep improving daily but I still get no order. After asking for advice from friends, they suggest that I change my video and put in a smile.
Pls is it wise for me to change my video now knowing that my impression and gigs keep on improving daily. If I change the video will it affect my impression and click negatively. I will appreciate quick advice from anyone please

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If you edit your gig , they will be down few days.

Pls can you help me check if my videos look professional or I should change them. I have 15 clicks and 600 impression from last night. Do you advise me to make any changes now

When one asks the community here to “check their Gig” the polite thing to do is at least leave your Gig URL. Why should another seller have to go look for your Gig to critique it? Make it easier for those who like looking at other’s Gigs and giving advice.


You are right. I should have done so and I truly appreciate your response.
The gig link is below

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