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Please I need an experienced seller to help


Hello there!

Please I need an experienced seller to explain the implications of order cancellations to me.
I noticed somethings with my gigs.
Please this will look like an interview.


The answer is simple: If you cancel an order – any order – it will lower your order completion rate. If your order completion rate falls below 90%, and is below 90% on the 15th of any month, you will be demoted a level as a seller.

I have no idea what this means.


Thanks jonbaas

Look like an interview - I mean I may need to ask some series of questions


OK, right now my order completion rate is 90% because 2 orders were cancelled within the last 60 days. However, since the first order was cancelled I never received a message for a new buyer that found my gig through the fiverr search.
I mean fiverr is not sending me traffic any longer even when I am bringing in traffic everyday.
This is very unusual because whenever I am bringing in regular traffic, fiverr usually send me traffic and I use to know because of new buyers.

So, please do you think this problem was because of my less than 100% completion rate?


Fiverr never guarantees, promises, or claims that they will send you any traffic to begin with. You should not be counting on someone else to make you successful.

I cannot speak for how Fiverr has chosen to manage their search algorithm, but I can say that it is unwise to blame Fiverr when things are not going the way you want them to. If you are at a 90% completion rate, complete more orders, and your completion rate will rise. If you need more customers to provide more orders, go out and find them.


You have 20 orders in the last 60 days to have 90%. And it does seem like cancellations cause a slow down.



Thank you very much jonbass. I will see if I’ll be able to restrategize my marketing technique


Nice advice.
I will try my best


Well, I don’t think I’m blaming them, I can’t just do but observe a deviation from the usual thing.


Thanks misscrystal
I think this is exactly what is happening in my case.
No new buyer from the search for almost 2 months.
Quite unusual.
I guess the cancellations might be a factor.


Really informative
Thanks maria